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Robot Electronics Repair

At NS Automation, we know for a fact that industrial robot repairs require the expertise of virtually all PSI service areas. They may be comprised of; mechanical assemblies, hydraulics, electrical components, ball screws, servo motors, encoders, wiring harnesses, and printed circuit boards.

The various robotic assemblies and parts are sent to their respective service areas, where they are individually repaired and tested.

We can rebuild, service and supply any and all components related to your robot.

  • Accuracy: Robotics reduce human error, which can help maintain more consistent standards and minimize waste in manufacturing.

  • Efficiency: Robots don’t need to take breaks like humans do. They can work with consistent speed and efficiency, as long as they are well maintained.

  • Safety: Using robots in your operations can also make your facility safer for employees as robots can handle potentially hazardous tasks.

  • Profitability: Ultimately, using robots can reduce costs, leading to increased profits. This is where the ROI becomes apparent, though in many cases, you may not realize just how much robots contribute to your company’s profitability.


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NS Automation - Robot Electronics Repair

  • Full system repair

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Field service

  • Training programs

  • Complete rebuild

  • Programming support

  • Part/component supply

  • Technical support

Robotic Maintenance

  • Visual inspection of reducers/gear boxes, cable harnesses and connectors.

  • Mechanical inspection to verify robot operation.

  • Oil replacement and/or grease flush.

  • Replace robot backup batteries if required.

  • Robot wipe down.

  • Report on work completed.

Controller Maintenance

  • Visual inspection of controller external and internal.

  • Inspection of Teach Pendant and Teach Pendant Cable.

  • Inspect/replace cooling fans.

  • Replace filters if required

  • Blow out/vacuum contaminants in controller.

  • Inspect and blow out/vacuum contaminants in transformer compartment.

  • Replace CPU backup battery if required.

  • Wipe down of controller, teach pendant and teach pendant cable.

We Repair the Following Robots:

  • Adept

  • Allen-Bradley

  • Arobotech

  • ASEA

  • Cincinnati Milacron


  • DeVilbiss

  • Fanuc

  • GMF

  • Graco

  • Honda

  • Kawasaki

  • Kuka

  • Motoman

  • Nachi

  • Panasonic

  • Prab

  • Schunk

  • Sumitomo

  • Toyoda

  • Unimate

  • Zenith

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