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Dirty, Dismantiling, Ultrasonic Bath, Drying – CLEAN!

Clean & Test

Clean, Test & Protective Coat your Industrial Electronics
We have an extensive capability in cleaning and testing electronic components; this service is not only provided to customers as preventive maintenance service but also used internally for the parts we receive as part of the repair order.

Cleaning and testing is carried out in a cleaning machine filled with cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic vibrations are then used to remove dirt from the components.

It is essential for delicate components to be cleaned professionally to extend their lifespan. In fact, cleaning at times, resolve the defect. After the electronic parts have been induced in demineralized water it will be placed in a drying cabinet.

After cleaning the electronic components, then they can be functionally tested at full power if necessary. Extensive test facilities are available for testing various brands, types and series. This is available for PLCs, HMIs, Frequency drives, Servo drives, Robots controlled units and CNC.

Testing repaired products is essential for maintaining quality; detailed test reports are also available. For peace of mind to our customers, we offer at least a one-year warranty on all repairs.

Besides electronics, our test platform has the capability to repair electric motors. This repair function is specialized in the restoration of servo motors of various brands and types. We start with cleaning the outside of the motor, and then the defect is diagnosed by testing the torque and testing the power.

The motor is disassembled, and the rotor to is pulled out of the housing with our in house developed extractor. Cleaning the inside and replacing the bearing is included in the basic repair price.

Additionally, we also refurbish shafts, balance rotors, repair brakes, magnetize and take care of rewinding.

After the motor is repaired, it’s thoroughly tested. Once the test of the repaired item has been successfully completed, the parts will be carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

Are your electronics exposed to dirt, moisture and other “hazards” that can reduce their lifecycle?

In industrial operating processes, electronics are exposed to dirt, moisture and other ‘dangers’ that can shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Dirt can also cause problems in the production process and can even affect the end product.

Professional cleaning of sensitiveness is therefore essential! Dirty electronics will be cleaned before repairing.

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