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We specialise in the repair of installed systems including “End of Life” products

Part Repair

Fixed price, no cure no pay. Brand independent
NS Automation repair platform ensures that technicians have advanced diagnostic and repair equipment at their disposal at all times, as well as many test configurations to enable them to test and repair defective components. Guarantee skilled workmanship have the capacity to carry out high volume repairs within a short time frame on PLCs, Drives, Robot electronics, Monitors, Motors, programmer devices, and all the other industrial PLCs.

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 40001 and ISO 18001 standards.

Our repairs guarantee at least one year warranty on repairs, sales and exchanges. They are backed by fixed repair prices, and our well-known policy “no cure no pay” for complete peace of mind.

We can repair any part and save you money

We repair a wide range of automation spare parts including: PLC’s,Drives, HMI’s, Power Supplies, CNC’s, Robotic Electronics, Servo Drives, Servo Motors and industrial PC’s and committed to save you more than 40% of the original costs of new investment by repairing parts on 60%(or less) of the list price.

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The Repair Process

Our repair platform is capable of repairing over 30,000 electronic parts a year, and each electronic part is given a bar code to make it possible for us to track and trace within the repair process. We charge fixed repair prices based on “no cure no pay” basis. Once the electronic part has been received along with the customers Purchase Order the repair process begins.

The electronic components then get stored in a ESD safe box until the repair has been sent to the appropriate department to be repaired. Repair procedures are not just limited to replace defective components, and we also replace components on a preventative maintenance basis. The right expertise in the right department ensures the faulty parts are properly rectified before returned back to the customer.

Over 120,000 different components in stock to ensure the repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible. Each department has test configurations at its disposal they can be used to test most electronic parts.

What We Repair

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