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More than 120,000 parts on stock


Buy your CRITICAL parts with a one year warranty
We do carry a large stock of spare parts (over 120,000 parts) of many manufacturers including (but not limited to) Siemens, Fanuc, ABB, Allen Bradley, Bosch, Control Techniques, Danfoss, Eurotherm, Indramat, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Omron, Telemecanique, Texas, Yaskawa and much more….

NS Automation has an extensive stock of spare parts and components which enable us to offer quick solutions for customers where production is standing still.

Our number one business driver is to ensure our customers continue to perform, and that their business continuity strategy executes according to their plan.

To support our philosophy, we don’t stop at providing quality customer service, but we also extend to provide value-add discovery and advisory services on your unique electronics landscape. Identifying your existing parts, their status, availability, end-of-life and together work with customers to put plans in place to ensure when there is a breakdown, the fix comes into place as quickly as possible. We protect our customers from being forced to make significant investments in entirely new systems because there is an outage and their supplier surprises them with “sorry your product is end-of-life”.

We can source any part & save you money!

We supply a wide range of automation spare parts including: PLC’s, Drives, HMI’s, Power Supplies, CNC’s, Robotic Electronics, Servo Drives, Servo Motors and industrial PC’s and committed to save you over 40% of the original costs of new investment by selling you parts on 60%(or less) of the list price.

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NS Automation is backed by a large group of companies with a combined stock of spare parts over 120,000 from various brands across the globe. So when you need a particular part, we would often be able to supply from a warehouse immediately.

If you’re one of our regular customers we will strategically align to ensure we have compatible parts in stock, so when a breakdown occurs, you have the option of exchanging your defective part with a working one without any delays, at the most effective cost to you.

Stock can be checked on our website or send us your request through the contact us page.
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