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The product I need is out of stock. How can you help?

We can repair your faulty electronics and test it extensively.

We can search for the product for you. Our Procurement Department looks for new and used industrial electronics daily, and has established a vast supplier network.

Can NS Automation repair a faulty product?

Yes, we can repair faulty products.
As a specialist in industrial electronics, we can clean, repair and test your faulty electronics, completely brand independent, according to the highest quality standards.

What is the repair time?

We usually repair your faulty electronics within 4 to 6 weeks.
We stand for Quality in Repair and do our very best to carry out repairs within that period, if itโ€™s urgent please let us know as we have urgent repair options.

What are the guarantees the repaired product will function properly?

We test repaired & refurbished electronics in our unique test centre with over 300 different test setups.
This ensures that the electronics are fully functional.

How do you ship the products?

Within Australia we use different courier companies.
Internationally we usually ship via UPS, unless you request otherwise.

We ship worldwide, please contact us for all shipping options.
You will receive a tracking number once your package ships.

If my product cannot be repaired, do I still have to pay?

Not at all! We base all our repairs on โ€˜no cure, no payโ€™.
The chance that we cannot repair your product is minimal, 93% of our repairs are successful.
If your product is beyond repair, we can dispose of the product in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, at your request.

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