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Listing all parts for ISOL:

Part Number Qty Description Condition Price Manufacture Availability
6ES5420-3BA11 266 DIG IN 321 24VDC NON-ISOLATED 6ES5420-3BA11
6ES5420-5AA11 22 DIG IN 321 24VDC NON-ISOLATED 6ES5420-5AA11
6ES5420-7LA11 433 DIG IN 321 24VDC NON-ISOLATED 6ES5420-7LA11
6ES5421-8MA11 99 DIG IN 81 24VDC NON-ISOLATED 6ES5421-8MA11
6ES5421-8MA12 691 DIG IN 81 24VDC NON-ISOLATED 6ES5421-8MA12
6ES5430-3BA11 86 DIG IN 321 24VDC ISOL 6ES5430-3BA11
6ES5430-4UA12 359 DIG IN 32I 24VDC ISOL 6ES5430-4UA12
6ES5430-6AA11 80 DIG IN 321 24VDC ISOL 6ES5430-6AA11
6ES5430-7LA12 731 DIG IN 321 24VDC ISOL-8 6ES5430-7LA12
6ES5430-8MD11 26 DIG IN 41 230VAC ISOL-4 6ES5430-8MD11
6ES5431-3BA11 43 DIG IN 161 24 48VDC ISOL 6ES5431-3BA11
6ES5431-4UA12 17 DIG IN 161 24 48 60VDC ISOL-1 6ES5431-4UA12
6ES5431-6AA11 33 DIG IN 161 24 48VDC ISOL 6ES5431-6AA11
6ES5431-7LA11 17 DIG IN 161 24 48VAC DC ISOL-4 6ES5431-7LA11
6ES5431-8MC11 35 DIG IN 81 115VAC ISOL-8 6ES5431-8MC11
6ES5431-8MD11 125 DIG IN 81 230VAC ISOL-8 6ES5431-8MD11
6ES5432-3BA12 1 DIG IN 161 24VDC ISOL 6ES5432-3BA12
6ES5432-4UA12 26 DIG IN 321 24VDC ISOL-8 6ES5432-4UA12
6ES5432-7LA11 1 DIG IN 161 48 60VAC DC ISOL-4 6ES5432-7LA11
6ES5434-4UA12 3 DIG IN 321 5-15VDC ISOL-32 6ES5434-4UA12
6ES5435-7LA11 20 DIG IN 161 115VAC DC ISOL-4 6ES5435-7LA11
6ES5435-7LB11 1 DIG IN 81 115VAC DC ISOL-1 6ES5435-7LB11
6ES5436-4UA12 50 DIG IN 161 115 240VAC ISOL-8 6ES5436-4UA12
6ES5436-7LA11 157 DIG IN 161 230VAC DC ISOL-4 6ES5436-7LA11
6ES5436-7LB11 12 DIG IN 161 230VAC DC ISOL-2 6ES5436-7LB11
6ES5440-5AA11 7 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5440-5AA11
6ES5440-8MA11 4 DIG OUT 4Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5440-8MA11
6ES5440-8MA21 71 DIG OUT 4Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5440-8MA21
6ES5441-4UA12 130 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5441-4UA12
6ES5441-8MA11 374 DIG OUT 8Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5441-8MA11
6ES5444-3AA11 64 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5444-3AA11
6ES5444-5AA11 2 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5444-5AA11
6ES5445-3AA12 117 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC NON-ISOL 6ES5445-3AA12
6ES5450-3AA11 26 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC ISOL 6ES5450-3AA11
6ES5450-6AA12 21 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC ISOL 6ES5450-6AA12
6ES5450-8MB11 33 DIG OUT 4Q 24 60VDC ISOL-4 6ES5450-8MB11
6ES5450-8MD11 1 DIG OUT 4Q 115 230VAC ISOL-4 6ES5450-8MD11
6ES5451-3AA11 55 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC ISOL 6ES5451-3AA11
6ES5451-4UA12 227 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC ISOL-32 6ES5451-4UA12
6ES5451-5AA13 10 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC ISOL 6ES5451-5AA13
6ES5451-7LA11 508 DIGG OUT 320 24VDC ISOL-8 6ES5451-7LA11
6ES5451-8MA11 291 DIG OUT 8Q 24VDC ISOL-8 6ES5451-8MA11
6ES5451-8MD11 13 DIG OUT 8Q 115 230VAC ISOL-8 6ES5451-8MD11
6ES5452-8MR11 155 DIG OUT 4Q RELAY ISOL-1 6ES5452-8MR11
6ES5453-4UA12 27 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC ISOL-1 6ES5453-4UA12
6ES5453-7LA11 10 DIG OUT 16Q 24 60VDC ISOL-8 6ES5453-7LA11
6ES5454-4UA12 91 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC ISOL-16 6ES5454-4UA12
6ES5454-7LB11 5 DIG OUT 8Q 24VDC ISOL-1 6ES5454-7LB11
6ES5455-4UA12 23 DIG OUT 16Q 24 48 60VAC ISOL-8 6ES5455-4UA12
6ES5455-6AA12 12 DIG OUT 8Q 115VAC ISOL 6ES5455-6AA12
6ES5455-7LA11 1 DIG OUT 16Q 48 115VAC ISOL-2 6ES5455-7LA11
6ES5456-4UB12 14 DIG OUT 8Q 115 250VAC ISOL-1 6ES5456-4UB12
6ES5456-7LA11 54 DIG OUT 16Q 115 230VAC ISOL-4 6ES5456-7LA11
6ES5456-7LB11 8 DIG OUT 18Q 115 230VAC ISOL-1 6ES5456-7LB11
6ES5457-7LA11 7 DIG OUT 32Q 5 24VDC ISOL-8 6ES5457-7LA11
6ES5458-4UA12 28 DIG OUT 16Q 24VDC ISOL-I 6ES5458-4UA12
6ES5458-7LA11 46 DIG OUT 16Q RELAY ISOL-1 6ES5458-7LA11
6ES5458-7LB11 78 DIG OUT 8Q RELAY ISOL-1 6ES5458-7LB11
6ES5460-4UA12 101 ANALOG IN 81 V MA RTD ISOL 6ES5460-4UA12
6ES5460-5AA21 3 ANALOG IN 81 -10V ISOL 6ES5460-5AA21
6ES5460-7LA13 36 ANALOG 8AI V MA RTD ISOL 115U 6ES5460-7LA13
6ES5461-5AA11 1 ANALOG IN 18 4-20MA ISOL 6ES5461-5AA11
6ES5463-4UA12 17 ANALOG IN 41 V MA ISOL 6ES5463-4UA12
6ES5464-8MA11 11 ANALOG IN 41 -50MV ISOL 6ES5464-8MA11
6ES5464-8MB11 26 ANALOG IN 41 -1V ISOL 6ES5464-8MB11
6ES5464-8MC11 66 ANALOG IN 41 -10V ISOL 6ES5464-8MC11
6ES5464-8MD11 37 ANALOG IN 41 -20MA ISOL 6ES5464-8MD11
6ES5464-8ME11 109 ANALOG IN 41 4-20MA ISOL 6ES5464-8ME11
6ES5466-3LA11 10 ANALOG IN 161 12-BIT ISOL 6ES5466-3LA11
6ES5470-4UA12 65 ANALOG OUT 8Q -10V 20MA ISOL 6ES5470-4UA12
6ES5470-4UA13 2 ANALOG OUT 8Q -10V 20MA ISOL 6ES5470-4UA13
6ES5470-4UB12 39 ANALOG OUT 8Q -10V ISOL 6ES5470-4UB12
6ES5470-4UB13 9 ANALOG OUT 8Q -10V ISOL 6ES5470-4UB13
6ES5470-7LA12 9 ANALOG OUT 8Q -10V 20MA ISOL 6ES5470-7LA12
6ES5470-8MA12 16 ANALOG OUT 2Q -10V ISOL 6ES5470-8MA12
6ES5470-8MB11 4 ANALOG OUT 2Q -20MA ISOL 6ES5470-8MB11
6ES5470-8MC11 21 ANALOG OUT 2Q 4-20MA ISOL 6ES5470-8MC11
6ES5470-8MD11 4 ANALOG OUT 2Q 1-5V ISOL 6ES5470-8MD11
6ES5475-3AA11 16 ANALOG OUT 4Q -10V NON-ISOL 6ES5475-3AA11
6ES5475-5AA11 6 ANALOG OUT 4Q -10V NON-ISOL 6ES5475-5AA11
6ES5476-3AA11 19 ANALOG OUT 4Q 0-20 MA NON-ISOL 6ES5476-3AA11
RLK 9-3 33 2 Sensor ASK ASK VISOLUX RLK 9-3 33

Please note:the above table is only showing a limited list of parts available on hand for ISOL, but we also clean, repair and exchange parts. We recommend you using Advanced Search to find a comprehensive and tailored list of needed parts.

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