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Listing all parts for 35:

Part Number Qty Description Condition Price Manufacture Availability
6ES5372-0AA61 13 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 32KB 35 6ES5372-0AA61
6ES5377-0AA11 41 MEMORY SUBMODULE RAM 16KB 135 6ES5377-0AA11
6ES5377-0AA21 99 MEMORY SUBMODULE RAM 32 135 6ES5377-0AA21
6ES5377-0AA32 209 MEMORY SUBMODULE RAM 64KB 135 6ES5377-0AA32
6ES5951-4LB11 1 LOAD PS MODUL 114VAC 24VDC 135 6ES5951-4LB11
6ES5955-3NA12 4 POWER SUPPLY 24VDC 10A 135 183 6ES5955-3NA12

Please note:the above table is only showing a limited list of parts available on hand for 35, but we also clean, repair and exchange parts. We recommend you using Advanced Search to find a comprehensive and tailored list of needed parts.

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