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Listing all parts for 0:

Part Number Qty Description Condition Price Manufacture Availability
3G3LXSETA4040E 6 Relay plug-in 3PDT 10 A 3G3LXSETA4040E
J77MN-VD-9 7 Contactor 4-pole 22A 11kW AC3 (32A AC1) 110 VAC J77MN-VD-9
MKS1TIN-10 AC230 10 Power supply LITE 150 W 100-240 VAC input MKS1TIN-10 AC230
R88D-UA08V 9 XtraDrive servo driver 240 VAC single-phase 750 R88D-UA08V
R88L-EC-GW-0503-BNPS 22 Sigma V AC servo motor 450W 1500rpm R88L-EC-GW-0503-BNPS
SGMGH-30D2A6F-OY 9 Sigma V AC servo motor 5kW 3000rpm SGMGH-30D2A6F-OY
SGMSV-50D3A6H 1 AC servo motor 11 kW 1500 2000 rpm 70 Nm SGMSV-50D3A6H
TJ1-TOOLS 1.0 1 Power supply LITE 350 W 100-240 VAC input TJ1-TOOLS 1.0
VX-01-1C23 17 Relay for AC load 5-pin plug-in 15 A 250 VAC VX-01-1C23
XD-08-MN00-E 5 Sigma V AC servo motor 750W 3000rpm XD-08-MN00-E
6ES5101-8UA13 11 101U CTRLR 220VAC 201-24VDC 6ES5101-8UA13
6ES5101-8UA23 1 101 CTRLR 220VAC 161-220VAC 6ES5101-8UA23
6ES5101-8UA33 7 101U CTRLR 24VDC 201-24VCD 6ES5101-8UA33
6ES5101-8UB13 3 101U CTRLR 220VAC 101-24VDC 6ES5101-8UB13
6ES5101-8UC11 9 101U EXPAN 220VAC 201-24VDC 6ES5101-8UC11
6ES5101-8UC21 3 101U EXPAN 220VAC 161-220VAC 6ES5101-8UC21
6ES5155-3UA11 5 155U CONTROLLER 115VAC 5V 40A 6ES5155-3UA11
6ES5350-3KA21 58 MEMORY 8KB 2 RECEPTACLES 130W 6ES5350-3KA21
6ES5350-3KA41 6 MEMORY 2 RECEPTACLES 150U 130W 6ES5350-3KA41
6ES5375-0LC11 69 MEMORY MOD EEPROM 2KB 530 6ES5375-0LC11
6ES5400-7AA11 1 DIG IN 81 24VDC 110A 6ES5400-7AA11
6ES5400-7AA13 298 DIG IN 81 24VDC 110A 6ES5400-7AA13
6ES5405-7AB21 66 DIG IN 81 220VAC 110A 6ES5405-7AB21
6ES5415-7AA31 7 DIG OUT 8Q 24VDC 48VDC 2.0A 6ES5415-7AA31
6ES5415-7AB11 3 DIG OUT 8Q 115VAC 2.0A 6ES5415-7AB11
6ES5415-7AB21 39 DIG OUT 8Q 220VAC 2.0A 6ES5415-7AB21
6ES5417-7AA11 7 DIG OUT 8Q RELAY 30VAC 6ES5417-7AA11
6ES5417-7AA21 13 DIG OUT 8Q RELAY 250VAC 6ES5417-7AA21
6ES5430-8MC11 4 DIG IN 41 115VAC ISOL-4 100U 6ES5430-8MC11
6ES5451-7LA21 31 DIG OUT 32Q 24VDC 05A 6ES5451-7LA21
6ES5451-8MR12 14 DIG OUT 8Q RELAY 30VDC 230VAC 6ES5451-8MR12
6ES5454-5AA12 16 DIG OUT 24VDC ISOL 2.0A 6ES5454-5AA12
6ES5461-8MA11 40 COMPARATOR MODULE 2 IN ISOL 0 6ES5461-8MA11
6ES5464-8MF11 26 ANALOG IN 21 -500MV PT100 6ES5464-8MF11
6ES5464-8MF21 17 ANALOG IN 21 -500MV PT100 6ES5464-8MF21
6ES5470-7LC12 41 ANALOG OUT 8Q 1-5V 4-20MA 6ES5470-7LC12
6ES5482-4UA11 16 DIG IN OUT 32PTS 24VDC 0.5A 6ES5482-4UA11
6ES5910-0AA21 16 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 1K 110A 6ES5910-0AA21
6ES5910-0AA31 10 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 2K 110A 6ES5910-0AA31
6ES5910-0AA41 7 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 4K 110A 6ES5910-0AA41
6ES5911-0AA42 4 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 4K 110S 6ES5911-0AA42
6ES5911-0AA52 1 MEMORY SUBMODULE EPROM 8K 110S 6ES5911-0AA52
6ES5950-1AA61 4 POWER SUPPLY 24VDC 5VDC 8A 130 6ES5950-1AA61
6ES5955-3NF11 24 POWER SUPPLY 24VDC 40A 150 6ES5955-3NF11

Please note:the above table is only showing a limited list of parts available on hand for 0, but we also clean, repair and exchange parts. We recommend you using Advanced Search to find a comprehensive and tailored list of needed parts.

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